Teaching, lecturing and training

Any career success I've had has largely been because I've stood on the shoulders of giants. So many great producers and engineers have been happy to teach me, to show me, to guide me, and gently to point out my mistakes. I am hugely grateful to them, and if I can repay them in any meaningful way it is surely to do the same for the next generation.

The Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey made my career possible, and it is now a joy and a privilege to be a visiting lecturer on the same course. And today's students are all way better than I was at their age!

Part of fulfilling the desire to pass it on as widely as possible was to write the book Classical Recording: A Practical Guide in the Decca Tradition with fellow ex-Decca and Abbey Road and now Tonmeister-teaching colleagues Caroline Haigh and John Dunkerley.