Music production

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I would like to pass on my enormous confidence in the work of Mark Rogers. Over the last few years I have worked several times with Mark on huge recording projects in connection with the Trinity Guildhall piano grade examinations. On each occasion, the venue was the Menuhin Hall and the sessions were intense because of the amount of material which had to be recorded in the time available. However, the time was brilliantly used, still allowing generous breaks and time for lunch, and the set-up was always already in place because Mark has a fine understanding of balance and acoustic. More importantly, he was always perceptive and demanding in equal amounts. Nothing was ever allowed to go by uncorrected – but he always maintained an atmosphere of positive and enjoyable performance. He is an excellent judge of effective tempo and mood, sometimes giving just the right nudge towards an interpretative variation which would make for a better performance. This is not always the experience of a performer in the studio. My sessions with Mark have been the exception, not the rule. I would recommend him to any artist seeking a collaborator of distinction.

John York - Former Professor at Guildhall School of Music & Drama

In April I will be spending a weekend recording around 60 pieces for the Trinity Guildhall piano syllabus with Mark Rogers. The pieces range from Initial to Grade 8 and, although some of them are quite short and relatively undemanding, it remains quite a challenge to cover so much ground in two days. This is only possible because of Mark’s professionalism and the complete trust I have in his judgments on what he hears and on his editing skills. He frequently notices things that I had not heard, has an uncanny ability to hear beyond the details to the overall performance, and the sound on the resulting recordings is very fine. Mark’s positive approach and friendly support also makes the days thoroughly enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to working together again.

Pamela Lidiard - Deputy Head of Keyboard Studies – Guildhall School of Music & Drama