British Council World Voice

World Voice was an international education programme run by the British Council. It promoted singing as positive force for good, available to everyone, and fostered shared cultural understanding between children around the world. Part of realising that vision was the creation of the World Voice Songbook, where children from one country would be encouraged to learn songs from other countries.

I was the technical and production lead of the team that put together this song book, producing audio and video resources that could be shared online. For material from the UK, I filmed and recorded in schools across the nations, and for material from overseas, local crews filmed to our specifications, and I then edited their material to fit the style guidelines.

The following video was used to introduce people, including donors, to the project. I shot everything UK-based myself, conducted interviews, produced the music, and scripted, directed, edited and mixed the video with material sourced from across the world.

It was a fabulous project with which to be involved, and by its close had reached over 1.5 million children in 23 countries.